Over the past few months, our team has worked together to construct a moving robot that will be programmed to draw a figure. Using its wheel encoders, infrared sensors, and ultrasound sensor,
we can program the robot to move any way we want, to draw our desired image. Our team has proposed to program our robot to draw a star. Our team has also come up with two ways to draw our star. The first way is to draw two triangles; one being pointing up, and one being pointing down. The second way is to draw in a continuous line; drawing all 5 points of the star across a plane. Both types of stars are displayed below. To begin, our team will first try to draw our star using the two triangles. If our team is successful, we will then attempt to draw the second type of star. In both cases it will be difficult, because the robot needs to return at the exact point it started at. Also, the robot needs to rotate the correct number of degrees to draw the right type of angle for the star.

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